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Each tube contains 40 gram of henna paste, 24 dozen boxes at each carton.

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Each tube contains 25 gram of henna paste, 24 dozen boxes at each carton.

Ladies who having extreme sensation on orange colour, they absolutely can prefer henna tube original. Its one of our most eminent and commendable product of us.
Suzana henna tube is one of the most convenient and well-known product of us.
100 % original paste is now compacting inside portable tube. It is much more easier because we can bring the henna tube wherever we go and it’s won’t make people in stress when using. Most of the time, henna tube uses for bride to decorate their hands and legs by drawing enticing mehandi designs.
Henna tube is recommendable indeed to draw various designs of mehandi because we are providing a compatible tube attached inside with each and every henna tube.
And suzana henna tube is very easy to use as well. There aren’t complicated procedure to use henna tube.


  1. Wash our hand with clean water to avoid dust particles on our hand interrupts the effectiveness colour and outcome of henna tube.
  2. Then, we should fix the cone that they provided inside the box to the body of tube. After fixing the tube, we have to press harder first to check whether there is a smooth flow of henna paste via the tube.
  3. Then, with the aid of tissue paper for wiping the excessive henna paste, we can start drawing our preferable mehandi designs on our hand.
  4. Then, let the henna to dry fully and wash them nicely with clean water. At last, you may enjoy the glorious colour of suzana henna tube.


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