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35gram each, 24 boxes per carton.

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35gram each, 24 boxes per carton.

SUZANA HENNA PENGANTIN PASTE is 100% natural. It is a body tattoo. It is a traditional item. Most of the Asia countries using henna for wedding. We prepare the traditional way to use easy method. This is redeemed for applying on hand. Before applying henna paste, wash the skin area you wish to decorate with soap and dry it. Remove the cap on the mouth of the henna paste tube and put the provided fine tip applicator nozzle on the mouth of the tube and secure it tightly. Draw designs as per choice by squeezing out the paste. For a darker shade, let the paste dry naturally for about 3 hours. Wet paste in between by sprinkling water. Scrape of the dry paste and apply any oil or skin cream. The decorated areas should not be washed with soap for initial few hours, as colour of henna gets developed and becomes darker during this period.

  • Caffeine can really stimulate your hand to shake so avoid too many coffees or Coca Colas or other stimulant drinks first.
  • Always sit in a comfortable position so you don’t need to keep re-arranging yourself.
  • Always pass the word that henna is a plant and will only give a red to brown stain, which will last from 5-10 days approximately. Henna is never black .
  • Try not to get henna on your clothes, as it is a very strong dye and can ruin clothes. If you have a little accident wash off immediately with soap and water.
  • Never wash the dry henna off your skin . Let the dry henna flake off naturally.
  • When swimming, taking baths or showers apply Vaseline or an alternative oil-based lotion (water-resistant suntan oil is pretty good) to the tattoo , to avoid water contact. This will prevent exfoliation and enable the tattoo to last longer.
  • Test the lemon and sugar mixture mentioned below.
  • Test the wrapping method mentioned below.
  • Experiment on friends and family members.
  • Never let soap or water touch the fresh henna tattoo until after sleeping.
  • When you go to sleep your body temperature rises and the skin sweats, this is when the henna is taking effect.


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