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Natural Henna Powder (Normal)

80 grm each box, 138 per carton

Ladies who having extreme sensation on orange colour, they absolutely can prefer henna powder original. Its one of our most eminent and commendable product of us.


Henna powder is fully made up of henna leaves and some other traditional ingredient. Normally, ladies can use the henna powder to decorate their tips of their finger nails for occasions or wedding ceremony. It’s the most convenient product to use because previously people will make the henna paste by plucking the henna leaves and there are heaps of procedures to get a successful henna paste. Sometimes, handmade henna powder couldn’t evoke much good outcome when applied on hand. So, we are now indeed proud that we can serve people with such instant henna paste by producing our product NATURAL HENNA POWDER.

Other than using on hand, people also encourage to use this product as hair dye. It’s one of the traditional way of dying hairs


It is quite easy and instant product to use. It’s deniable that people will find this product will reach their maximum comfort.

  1. Firstly, place the amount of henna powder that you need on a bowl.
  2. Then, you have to add some fresh and plain water until you’ll get a correct texture of henna paste. The henna paste should not be too tight or too watery. It’s should be in medium consistency.
  3. You too encourage to use a few drops of lime water in the henna paste to increase the effectiveness of the colour and the colour will last longer too.
  4. After preparing, the henna paste, you should rinse your hand with clean water and dry ur hands nicely.
  5. Then, you may apply the paste around the tips of your finger nails.
  6. Let the henna paste to dry. It may take around 30 minutes. Then, wash your hand with plain water. Now it’s the time to see your hand with glowing colour.


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